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pátek 2. října 2015

KiDS ViDS - Youtube Channel, Digger Fred

Dlouho jsem nedal žádný post, vím, a tentokrát si sem hodím reklamu na svůj Youtube channel s 3D animacemi pro děti, navíc v angličtině, protože ajm going internašnl :)

KiDS ViDS is the channel for kids and parents for entertainment and for learning.
I have created little digger Fred so far, but more videos and characters will come in the future. You know, 3D animation takes a lot of time to complete.

Anyway, I'm posting it now so you can already subscribe to the channel for more videos. It would mean a lot to me and would encourage me to continue!

Here are links to the first two videos:

Digger for Kids | 3D Children Excavator Video | #01 - Balls

Here Freddy is exploring and playing with colourful balls. He also fall in them... nothing extraordinary for parents, but kids will love it :)

Digger for Kids | 3D Children Excavator Video | #02 - Golf

In the second episode, Digger is playing golf! He also bought some cool looking golf cap for the occasion :)

Thanks for watching and showing me some love :)


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